Any input on a GYTR header ???

Recently tapped a tree and dented my header( pinched in half almost). I just orderd a GYTR stainles header.

Just wondering how well it will fit to my stock muffler and will it be more important now to change my jetting... I'm in the panhandle of Fla. 95 - 100 temps and the same in humidity.

i bought a Titanium GYT-r header off of ebay for 30$.. i know i know good deal

well i love the header and it fits just like a stocker.. i have the stock muffler and fitting was perfect... it looks awesome now that is changed colors...

i didnt notice any difference in performance however or in a need to change my jetting..

i am in michigan and ride in 80ish degree weather so maybe in FL. you might need to consider

for me it was a direct bolt on and would consider GYT-R for any part in the future

Thanks for the reply. I did'nt figure there would be too much diff. in power, I just hope the fitting would be good. Hopefully the stainless steel will hold up better. Thanks again..

any one in florida??? what jetting are you using????

you should not see any need to rejet like stated above. When you start changing slip on mufflers....that is a different story.

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