Need another good mirror.

My bike came with a nice long mirror that clears my rather wide shoulders. I want one for the right side but haven't seen 'my' mirror anywhere.. it goes straight up about 1.5" then angles sharply to the left about 6" to a rather large round mirror, it's 5" across. Gives a nice view, but as I said, I can't find this sucker. So I need something else that works for large shouldered guys. Want these for street riding, so big is good. Usable is the idea.

Any recommendations?

My left side mounts to the clutch lever bracket, replacing the front part. Do they have such an adaptor for the brake fluid resevoir on the right side? Or do you use an add on mount separately?

THanks! :ride:


Check out Baja Designs. I got their folding mirrors and they are awesome. They fit right into the stock perches.


04 XR650L

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