My 06 WR450 Stalls Easy in the tight trails

Rekluse and be happy.

Well I won't be happy until I know what a Rekluse is and does for me, you say this like everyone should know what the word means.

A Rekluse is a auto clutch system. You can stop in gear, never touch the lever, and the motor will not stall. To go again just twist the gas. It works great for my method of woods riding, brake sliding the corners. No I do not have one, I looked at them alot when I had my YZ426F, with the WR450 I feel I do not need it. My .02.

Oh, sounds cool, does it affect how you shift gears? is there still a use for the clutch lever at all then? is it disconnected?

As many said you should first learn to ride correctly your bike. When i first got my bike i used to stall too but like people said i learned and with the experience now i feel really more solid on the bike. Installing a rekluse will sure help but not make you a better rider. :ride:

You can still use your clutch with the rekluse installed. You just don't need to if you don't want to. But, when you need to use it to control your engine power delivery, you can. They are great!

I use a 13t countershaft sprocket for trail work and find the bike to be plenty fast for short fire road stints between trails. I don't intentionally ride on paved highways on the WR; and if forced to do so I keep the revs down until I can get back on the dirt. The 13t cog is a must for really gnarly tight stuff unless you're an AA enduro racer or such. Just my .02

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