Rekluse with Delo oil is that hard on our 450's???

I know Rekluse recomends Delo or Rotela but are those oils protecting our bikes very well??? I thought the motorcycle oils are alot different but maybe I'm wrong. I ran Yamalube in my Rekluse and it works great I just thought I would try to go With Delo but am I little woried about the oil breaking down.


So far I've used Silkolene and Bel EXL in my '06 450 since installing my Rekluse and will be going to the rotella next because its cheap. Using only a quart of oil including the clutch I think it best to change it every couple rides. At that short of an interval I really don't think any decent wet clutch compatible oil is gonna matter much.

I've been using Rotella for two years w/ my Rekluse. As mentioned above, changing the oil frequently is probably more important than the brand used.


The new reformultated Delo 400 will smoke your clutch. Stick with the Rotella T product. :ride:

ya the new delo has a little too much moly, as far as the diesel oils go,they work in one of the harshest environments there is and they keep your motor nice and clean due to their soot control properties,the oil will look a little blacker upon draining and i believe thats the reason.

Do a search on oils. You will find that alot of us use Rotella with no problems.

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