Exciter coil XR600 '89

I own since a few months a '89 Xr600. From the start i have a problem starting it, and sometimes it just stops running and if the engine is hot it's even harder to bring it back alive again. I measured the exciter resistance, and it showed 130 Ohm. I bought a second hand complete stator and installed it. Now it refuses the start. I measured the new coil and it shows 178 Ohm. The AC voltage i read when kicking is only 30 VAC. I also have a very weak spark. The readings from the ignition coil primary and secondary are OK. Is it possible i have the wrong type exciter coil, and what AC voltage should i read when kicking.

Thanks in advance,

Louk Seton :ride:


It sounds as if your stator is toast as well. The '96 XR6 that I own has blown a stator, and with previous experience with these bikes, I have found that anything lower than 60V ac will not deliver a strong spark. When you are checking that voltage are you kicking the bike over hard?

When measuring i took out the spark plug and kick it as hard as i can. I tried it several times and the maximum voltage measured at the black/red wire disconnected from the cdi unit is 30 VAC

Exciter coil failure is a common problem on the older XRs especially the XR6. There are replacement stators available, usually complete with high output lighting coils, for much cheaper than an OEM unit. It is possible to rewind it yourself too, see www.justxr.com for some more info.

I got another stator (good one) for my '96 XR6 today. At cranking speed it was putting out 40-60V dc at the black/red wire (exciter coils). The other test i did was to make sure that the coil was recieving proper voltage. My new stator offered around 20-30V ac at the black/yellow wire (positive) going to the coil. My ignition system is now fine. I guess if you pass these tests you could blame your coil. If it only passes the stator test you would blame the cdi unit or pickup coil. Good luck!

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