F.S Axo RC-2 Boots sz.13

only 3 rides on them. Blue & white. how about a 100 bucks?

what size are they? If they are 13's i'll send you a check right now.

wait a minute, RC-2 boots? I thought the AXO made RC-5 boots?

are they sold yet?

You didn't answer my question, are they RC-2 or RC-5, I've never heard of a RC-2. And if I wanted them, how might I get a hold of you to discuss details?

Just thought I should mention , If you decide you would like to buy the boots, be sure to add $12-$15 for shipping. If you decide you don't want the boots for any reason, send them back to me and I will be glad to return your $100...No you can't use-em in your next race or ride and expect to send them back..

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