pmaust you traitor

Hey Paul Whats this you can't handle big blue anymore, can't get it started, leg getting sore. :D I see you have gone over to the lazy orange side :) I hope you don't hurt your thumb trying to start it! :D Hows the back doing Paul. Now that it's getting a little wet out their lets finally meet up go ride some time. Good luck with new bike.

Ride Safe and Ride Often

How come on all the good riding weekends we always have samething else planed :):D:D ??? Just a thought/gripe.

Uncle Moose, don't worry. You will not see a For

Sale sign on the WR any time soon! :) Heck, I still have a Baja Designs dual-sport kit I've never put on it yet! I will probably hand it down to one of my derelict children who waste all their money going to college and stuff like that. :D The back is still stiff and sore but getting better all the time. I am planning on meeting up with Monty and the guys up at Stonyford the day after Thanks Giving. Will you be able to make it one day that week-end? Let me know when you guys are going somewhere i will try to make it. I'm looking forward to playing with the new toy!!!! :D

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