What video cam are you using with helmet cam?

Hey Ron,

How much server space are you needing? We've got some extra on our server at www.utahmoto.com. Let me know if you are interested.



What are you using more on the camera? The tinted protective shield or the clear one?


I'm using the tinted shield. Hummm, I don't think I received a clear one in the kit. Oh well, the tinted one works good. I have noticed that if you point the camera at a refection of the sun in something like snow or a car window you get a white streak across your picture - even with the tinted shield.

Ron, double check your DC10 for max res, I thought I read full 630x480 30fps for it (or basicly double what you're at). Or, is there a new card http://www.sharbor.com/products/PINI5010001.html vs old card version?


The capture board I'm using is definitely an older version of the you are looking at. I bought it in '96 for a project I was working on (I'm a VB programmer). When the project was complete the card ended up in my closet. It was manufactured by miroVideo. I think Pinnacle has taken over miroVideo since 1996 and has improved the product.

I'm still thinking of buying better capture hardware and using the ultra high-end computers at work to do the processing chores. Do you have any recommendations for Windows NT compatible capture cards that cost somewhere between a good set of Dunlop tires and a Scotts steering stabilizer?

I've been looking at Winnov's Videum 1000 or AV (PCI) products ( http://www.winnov.com/products/capture/index.htm ) and like what I see. Should I be looking at something that captures in MPEG format vs AVI? What about ASF?

Too many questions…

Hey Ron, those boards look neat, but they're analog and they don't claim any degree of performance except frame rate. If someone reviewed them and said "wow!" about the picture quality, I'd go for it. Elsewise I'd say the next hardware upgrade would be to go to DV in your VTR/handycam. Then it records digital, copies, edits etc and most anybody says the picture quality is better than Hi-8. This is separate from the generation loss you experience as soon as your play back your HI-8 tape the first time for digitisation.

If you go to DV, then you just get a firewire card for the PC to connect to the firewire port on the camera. If you want to go cheap, get a used Miro card with Premiere. (DV200, 300 or 500)

If you go for a Sony digital-8, it will play both Hi-8 and DV so you can preserve your existing tapes.

I don't know that mpeg (2!!!) is editing friendly except for cuts and maybe fades?, and AVI is just a gatherer-label for the actual codec formats like motion jpegA, motionjpegB, sorensen, mpeg1, mpeg2, animation, H261, etc. mpeg1 is the 320x240 stuff and mpeg2 is the real 640x480 res on DVDs (of which mp3 music files are really "mpeg2, audio layer 3"). mpeg-2 is competitive with DV for quality, but DV is totally editable and tape archivable digitally when you're done editing. mpeg-2, without DVD writing capability, will cause you archiving storage problems.

I know the hardware is changing fast, but the digital nature of the DV format will last better than analog tape, i.e. 5 years down the road. If you want to kick butt, get the new G4 733 with video DVD burner and just make DVDs! Then down sample tidbits for the web. As soon as I win the lottery there will be one on my desktop ($3500 U.S.). Its as fast as a P4 2GHz and has goof proof DVD authoring software.

If you're sticking to web action for now, you don't need high quality or frame rate. As prices fall, you win, so wait until you want to do higher quality requirement stuff, like not for the web. Then go for DVD with downsampling for other media and distribution. In the meantime, why not process your files on the work machines for some time savings? Just use a portable desktop hard drive.

just my 2 million cents (budgetarily speaking :) )

I have helmet cams in stock for 199.00, works with your cam corder, you must have rca plugs, and can record. 1-800-356-0602

or 801-374-0602, ask for arnie or kelly!!!!

Tech - Once again, thanks for the advice. I'm sure your right about the DV. Sounds like it's time for ME to win the lottery.

I still may get the cheaper Videum AV PCI ($150) to install in the work computer. Better quality video than what I'm using now. I'll let you know if/when I get something and for sure when I have more footage to share. Going riding this weekend!

Coop, what are the specs on your HC?

The helmet cam is from helmetcam.com, I dont remember the lens size, but he says you can read a licence plate from 30 ft away, it has a good wide angle, and is clear. I will look tomorrow, it come in a plastic case, and has the battery, camera lens, and built in mic, it works prety good, if you are in real high speed rough stuff, it will make you sick to watch, but for tracks, it seems real good.

I just picked up a camcorder off of e-bay its a sony ccd trv87 for 427.00 list price 700.00. thanks,mike. I should have it the end of this week. I can't wait to start experimenting with the helmet cam. I figure i will start by taping someone slow first (like Mike from Sillicon Valley) third gear in his bike is still brand new :) And then move to smaller yet faster objects like my daughter :D She's only 10 but man can she roost! Any time saving tips for the new helmet cam?

excited, huge


Remember it's mine until you pay me for it and of course I give it to you...... Confucius say "One should have desired possesion in hand before one begins to insult".......... :) . And besides, I'm saving third gear for when I really need it!

You been eating chineses food again haven't you....erraaa, erraaa :D 1st and 2nd should just about be worn out. And i see how you put on your race face when your riding with my daughter :) not to worry i'll put the governor back in her bike if you'll just let me have the camera...

no mercy = no camera,so thats the way its going to be, huge

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