Pilot Jet Vs Pilot Air Jet

Does anyone know if a 42PJ & 65PAJ is the same as a 45PJ & 75PAJ??

For that matter, a 45PJ & 85(or 100)PAJ is the same as 42PJ & 65PAJ??

...and if they are the same are you better off going one way or the other.

the figures you suggest would make a rich ratio except the 45PJ/100PAJ which is leaner.

nobody has the perfect formula for these figures.

try and do some work around the 75PAJ and go with 40/42PJ.

the two examples you give keep the ratio's roughly the same but there is still either more or less going in. i once ran 140PAJ and 52PJ and it was still OK. the trouble was the engine just couildn't light up.


[ November 12, 2001: Message edited by: Taffy ]

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