No Spark

I am working on a friends old bike and it has no spark. Is the stator the first place you would look? Can a stator be tested?

Not all at once please!

What year and model is the bike? These may help us give advice.

Work from the spark plug back...plug wire, coil, etc. The cause will rear its ugly head...BTW, clear out your PM storage, you're full...SC

can you explain what you have done or checked so far.

as it is a process of elimination, as clark said.

in all petrol motors i've ever had i have never had a plug issue, but my 400 went through 4 plugs in less than 1500 k's.

i could not see spark at all from the plugs, so i put in a new one and away it goes.

i put an iridium plug in about 2000k's ago, no problem since.

try the cheap stuff first.

good luck

Work your way back from the plug. The stator would be the last place I would look. Plug - coil - low tension circuit - stator.

Cleared the PM box Clark. I will start with the plug and check from there. I may start by cracking the case and looking at the condition of the stator. If there are burns I will know.


don't forget to check the kill button and it's wires.

Here's how I'd attack it.

Again...Specific information would make our support a lot less VAGUE

1. Plug

2. Wire termination end at plug

3. KILL SWITCH (when in doubt unplug it completely)

4. Plug wire termination at coil

5. Coil resistance

6. Ignition module

7. Stator supply

8. Ignition trigger

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