98 XR 600 CS model smog removal question

Can any one tell me what I need to do exactly when I remove the CA Smog BS on my 98 XR 600. I guess CA was the only place that got smog BS on there XR 600's. They did this I guess to make it green stick legal?


I don't believe this bike had any smog stuff on it.

Well its got a small charcoal looking cansiter which is rubber mounted to the frame which has three fittings on it. It has a tube that comes out of the top of the cases which split into two and both hoses go into to different fittings on the charcoal canister. The third fitting on the charcoal canister goes into the air box. This is a 98 XR 600R, original owner all stock and all of this stuff is stock. I remember reading something in Dirt Bike magazine back in the day about the CA model Xr 600's haveing to have some Smog EPA BS to make it green sticker legal. Anyones elses CA model XR 600 have this? Do I just remove it and cap the crankcase or run a breather to the crankcase?


are you sure it isn't a XR650L model?

Positive I have had XR's since 85 when I had a XR 350. I have owned a 88, 94 and 96 XR 600's. It is a basicly bone stock 98 XR 600R not L. I am going to try and look online and see if these parts are specific to the 1998 CA model XR 600.

Your XR600 most likely does not have any smog system, that black rubber mounted thing with the hoses to the case and air box is probably the pcv valve. I have a 650L and that is what it is on mine, and my old XR. If indeed it is the pcv valve I would suggest to leave it, it separates the oil from the vent pressure and returns it to the case and vents the overpressure to the air box and filtering any negative pressure back. Removing the smog is usually refered to the "L", a street legal version and it only has a vacuum driven air injection pump that pumps air into the exhaust port via the cylinder to help burn any unburnt fuel, just street versions for now. If you don't have two little chrome tubes bolted to the front of your cylinder you don't have a smog system. And if you do have a L with a smog pump, removing it just takes weight off and a lot of ugly shit, and makes working on it easier, there is no performance advantage, save the weight.

Hey thanks Maniak you explained exactly what it is.

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