good tire for desert

i ride desert on my 2001 yz 426 and run a maxxis criss it i think it is.. hte size is 110 90 19 i ran the 120 but was hitting and tore off the side knobs but is maxxis the best desert tire i know they last long is dunlop better but i like a tire that last a while

What about Michelin Baha?

I have a Dunlop 756 on my YZF 450, and although traction is good it would not last more than one race ( < 100 miles) in the rocks. We put a Maxxis Desert IT on my son's KTM 300 XC and that tire is great in the desert. It hooks up about the same as the Dunlop, at least from what I can tell with the two tires being on different bikes. The Maxxis Desert IT seems to last a lot longer than other tires that offer equal traction though, so I plan to put one on my YZF before the next race.

Try the 952 Dunlop

Currently for desert in the summer I run up front Dumlop 742, or Bridgestone 401, rear I run Bridgestone 602 or Maxxis IT.

Those combos have worked well for the past few years.

Pirelli MT32's amazingly work well in everything from soft mud to hard desert and are DOT.

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