Directions to Kennedy Meadows

Do aany of you California guys have the directions to Kennedy Meadows off of 395?

Thanks id advance.


Depends on when you're going and what your driving. The AAA Tulare Co map shows J22 going across from Earlimart to Troy Meadows - looks like it would be a long, slow drive. I've been on the road around Johnsondale and you couldn't pay me to tow my 36ft 5th wheel across to Troy Meadows.

The long, smart way is I5 south to Hwy 58 across Tehacapi to Mojave, Hwy 14 north to where it joins 395, a few miles north on 395 to Pearsonville - hubcap city & small racetrack, left/west on Nine mile Cyn for 37 miles to Troy Meadows Ranger Station.

Either way it's a long ass drive from the Bay Area - figure 8 hours minimum if you're towing.

When are you thinking about going? There is some good info/better detail directions on if you do a search on kennedy meadows in the places to ride forum.


No towing. Just my pickup. I hear great stuff about riding there. I have never been.

The group of us that were planning a Stony trip this coming weekend may change and go someplace we have never been. Just considering that spot.



It's a hell of a long drive for a weekend trip. You may want to with the ranger station - might be snowed in if they got pummeled by this storm.


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