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I have the vapour on my ktm 525 and the temp reading, when 100 c, was around 450-500 on the vapour? Is the thermocouple hooped?

If anyone wants an option other than the Vapor and install the Acewell unit that Electrosport sells for 2x the price, save your money.Stay with the Vapor like I should have done

I removed my stock odometer and flipped the bracket over (raises it up some) and mounted to that. I still had to fab a little inverted U bracket to raise it as high as I wanted it to be.


Any pics of the finished product? Thanks

1. The ambient temp gauge response is slow and it shows always 4-5 Celsius higher than the normal temperature.

2. When you switch off the bike, the vapor remains on for 20 min!

3. If you stop and the speed sensor is on the magnet, it stays on!

Except this 3, it works perfect, and is really easy to install it!

On my 08 wr450, the CDI unit on top of the spark plug has an orange wire and a black wire. I have soldered the rpm wires directly to these, red to orange and black to black. The black is definately ground as i got continuity to the frame. Is this the correct way to connect it? The reason i ask is i am getting rpm reading on the vapor, but it doesn't seem to go correlate to the "bike noise" and speed. When the bike is labouring in a gear rpm is around 4000 - 4500 rpm. When i rev the bike quite hard, i can't seem to get the rpm to go about 7000 or 8000 ??? It seems like this value should be much higher. What rpms are you guys seeing on the vapor?

WR450 has a neutral sensor (under the gear change lever) that limits the revs to about 8000, so while in neutral it won't rev higher, if your vapor shows 7-8000 rpm while in any gear and riding flat out means it doesn't read the impulses right, I have WR450 '07 and run the thin wire round the plug cap, works OK, 10200 rpm max reading

Where do you guys mount the coolant temperature sensor to get acurate temp. reading?

Should the sensor be mounted at the rdiator hose that's from the water pump to the bottom right (brake side) radiator, since that's when the coolant being the hotest?

Or should the sensor be mouned on the long hose from top of left (clutch side) radiator when the coolant is coolest before retuning to the engine? but it would be much easier installation.

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