XR650R - blew it up, need suggestions

I did a motard conversion on my 2000 XR650R early last year, and have ridden it quite a bit on the street including a couple trips down to Deal's Gap. I flogged it pretty good, and never had any issues, even running upwards of 110mph. Well, I took the bike to a trackday at Grattan last week, and it lasted three sessions before giving up. It started losing power, then finally shut down and was harder than hell to kick. I finally got around to tearing the top end down today, and this is what I found:


Lots of brass/bronze inside the jug, and the wrist pin and rod are fubar. After searching several threads, I'm pretty sure the crank is also shot. At this point, I'm trying to figure out what my options are. The crank is bad, and the cylinder is scored, so I know it's going to take quite a bit just to get it back where it was (stock bore/piston/cam/carb, aftermarket exhaust), or now I have the opportunity to build it up. I need to do something with the crank and cylinder anyway, so I'm looking for suggestions from someone who has built one of these motors for roadracing use. I'm saying roadracing instead of motard because there's really no dirt sections involved, and the bike will be ridden on regular road courses. I'm just trying to figure out what the cost difference is going to be between just fixing it as is, or going to 680 with a cam, possibly headwork too. I'm not racing the bike, just doing trackdays and beating it to death (obviously) on the street. The only problems I see with going to a built motor, is whether or not the pipe and carb I have are enough, and also are the stock radiators enough? Where does it all end!!! :ride:

What's the best source for the Carrillo rod, and where's the best place to send it for balancing?

Dang man, you musta been pingin off the rev limiter the entire time to grenade an XR motor. That, or run w/o any oil...

OK, aside from the engine work, how the hell do I get all that crap out of my frame? :ride:

Just Flush it through with some deisel or parafin it'll collect mostly around the inside rim of the down tube drain bolt threaded opening (thats where most of the swarf collected after i drilled my frame to incorporate the oil view pipe.

Have you ever run it without oil in it,or how much oil was in it when it went??

Why would anyone run it without oil?

Which motor holds up better, the 650L or 650R??

Ahhh... just part it out. You can find a really good used for $2,500- $3,000. You'll spend at least $1,500 rebuilding the motor, if you do it right. I'm pretty sure you can get $500 for the stock wheels, and probably $300 for the suspension. That right there gets you pretty close. Then you can either sell all the small stuff or keep the extra parts as spares for your new bike.

OR build a 680 engine and keep on riding. Service Honda has better prices than most Honda shops give. Good luck! Steny

Service Honda has better prices than most Honda shops give.

If you want to go stock, bikebandit.com has good prices, a lot of times better than Service Honda. But, bikebandit is only OEM parts.

I was planning on tearing it down this winter to freshen/build it up anyway, so this just sped up the whole process. I've ordered the 102.4mm piston and stg 2 hotcam already, and I'll send to Millenium for bore/replate once that shows up. I'll probably send all of the parts to Falicon for balancing when I get the supercrank mod done. Hopefully that will hold up better than the OEM crank. I never ran mine out of oil, but last year when I took it down to Deal's Gap I hadn't checked my oil for a couple days and it was VERY low. Topped it off and kept riding it, putting at least another 1500 miles on it (and checking oil much more regularly) since then. I ride it pretty damn hard on the street (dragging the stock pegs in corners at the gap), and I'd go through almost a quart every 350 miles or so. The valves and head look pretty good. There's some minor dishing on the intake valve faces, so I'm going to replace those. The exhaust valves look good enough to leave alone. I'll send the valves and head off to have the seats cut when I get all the OEM stuff in. I'll probably go with Service Honda, I've had really good luck with them in the past on my other bikes.

Yeah it went kaboom from the bottom end,and was on the way out using a heap of oil,and as a motor slows down when dying some people just twist the throttle harder helping it on it's way.

My 03 did almost the same thing, but it lost the lower rod bearing and destroyed both case halves,crank,2 valves,and piston. I got most of my parts from service Honda and they were alot cheaper than most other places.

I would gear it tall for the street big thumpers are torque motors and don't like hi revs, even the ones made for hi revs like the 450 don't hold up well under the hi rpm stress.

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