running 05 wr 450 with no electric starter

had some problems getting parts for my electric start motor, can i still run it with the starter out on the streets or is there some kind of plug you need to cover the hole.

you'll need to plug the hole with something. do a few searches on starter removal. some of the guys were able to get a rubber compression plug from their local auto parts store.

i run my 03 450 without electric starter atm, the starter is still in place its the switch not working. I didnt get any problem with that yet.

frankz28, there's a good chance that the starter motor it self is bad. it will act like a bad switch (push the button and it just clicks or does nothing) but it is in fact, the contacts inside the starter motor. if you leave the motor on, you can take the idler gear (under the small round cover) out to avoid any possible problems.

in my case its the switch...i ripped it on a rock :ride:

at least you did it riding. most of us have the little plastic part come out of the switch (button) with out any warning. the nice thing is the kill button will plug right in where the starter button plugs in. it beats having to explain to your riding buddies why the e-start doesn't work.

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