06 YZ 450 Stock Bar Bend?

I'm thinking of changing to the original Pro Taper Henry/Reed bend or the Windham MX bend. I'm just not sure what the stock bend is, so I don't know what the dimensions are to help determine which of these two I should go with. I would appreciate any help or opinions.

I am not sure what they call them. They should name the "LOWRIDERS" :ride:

I am 6'1" and love the Windham bend...they are very popular.

...which of these two I should go with.

Henry/Reed has a bit more pullback than stock. So if you want a higher bar with about the same pullback as stock you should go Windham.

Load the chart http://www.protaper.com/eastonbars.html

The stock bend is very nearly identical to what Pro Taper calls the "YZ High". Tag calls the same bend simply the "YZ"

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