hard terrian tires

where i ride its mostly hard terrian a lot like hard packed clay. i usually run dunlope 756 but it gets chewed up too much and doesnt hook up like i would like. i recent bought the kenda carlsbad and that didnt do anyting for me either. does anyone know of a good hard terrian tire that gets good traction?

Bridgestone 602 Rear. You should love it in hard pack. Wears ok too, far better than a 756.

Bridgestone M22 is pretty good on the concrete stuff!

I'm using the new D952's, and ride on a lot of hardpack south Texas clay. They are wearing rather well, and provide surprisingly good traction and handling. Might wanna try 'em out.

Michellin MH3

Michellin MH3

the absolute longest lasting tire out there.....

yup, MH3

Dunlop 952's. They perform almost as well as a 756 and last almost as long as a 739. :ride:

the 756 is not a HT tire. you will wear them out in just a few rides.

the 952s are really good. Work well in the rocks and clay. use a 742 up front

thanks a lot for all that posted, helps a lot. im definatly going to look into those tires.

sorry buddy but u will never keep a rear tire for any lengh of time with a 450

im not looking for durablity as much as i am traction.

I have had my Michelin MH3 since last Christmas riding on everything from gravel to asphalt well worth the money. :ride:

Brigstone M22 the best hardpak tire made

I run a Maxxis IT on the rear, and a Dunlop 756 up front. THis combo was recommended by a number of TT rider's, and it's worked very well for me. I ride track/trails, and also sometimes rocks, and it's held up very well. I don't think 756's up front wear too much, only on the back.

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