Acerbis 25-28ltr Fuel Tank

Thinking of fitting one of those 25 Ltr long range tanks to my 01 WR426. Does anyone know if the same tank will fit on a later model WR when i decide to update later. The tanks are worth $650.00 here and don't really want to buy another when i update.

First thing, only buy from USA. I do it all the time.

It will cost you about $US60 to ship.

Secondly, no it won't fit both bikes.

I put the Acerbis 25 litre tank on my '03 WR450 and love it for backcountry trips. My friend wanted the same size tank for his '01 WR426, but the frames are totally different. If you find one please let me know.


Chris :ride:

Thanks for the replies.How much in Oz dollars does it cost landed here for the 25litre?

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