05 WR, Bro just got one, any quirks I should know about?

Hey all

I got and 03 model that I know pretty well. My brother just got a second hand 05" model with 1200kms on it :ride: , is there anything that I should check and sort out other then the usual....



p.s I havent taken it for a ride yet but it feels heaps better then my 03 :ride: , i think its time to take order of the 07

The only quirk I can think of is pent up jealousy of your brother!!! :ride:

No quirks, just regular maintenance.

I would tear into it, greasing up all of the bearings. Not many people grease up their bikes. If you leave the shock linkage too long, they sieze very quickly.

The grey wire mod works on our Aussie 2005 bikes too. Not sure about your 2003?


Yeah I put a switch in on mine for grey wire on, and grey wire off. I couldnt notice any difference. But ill check his out and see if if its been done yet.

where in Aus ?? - Melbourne here ...

Freezing cold canberra :ride:

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