2005 WR450 Grey Wire

I just purchased an '05 WR450. Is there anyone who has placed a switch on the grey wire to go back and forth from the different timing curves? If so, do you need to have the engine turned off when doing so? or doesn't it matter? How much more abrupt is the bike with the grey wire cut? I'm used to an '01 yz426f but it was alot to handle in some of the tight stuff in upper Michigan.



Grey wire does not effect bottom end.

You would have to re-stsrt the bike everytime you wanted to swap timing.

The bike is a little more in the mid - top. Not much, but noticable.

Sounds like a waste of time.....Just clip it.....

I also found that my bike's idle was more stable for some reason.

Thanks -- If it doesn't affect bottem end I will clip it.

Someone posted awhile back that he placed a switch instead of just cutting it, he ended up taking the switch out cause he never used it and just left it switched off.

Don't waste your time with a switch. It shouldn't make that big of a difference in the tight stuff. You'll get used to the power in the mid/high and not want to switch it back.

the only difference I could remember was continous stalling shortly after cutting the wire, but got use to the new YZ timing and never looked back. she runs like a charm. :ride:

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