Stalling In water Holes!!!

just put my new Wr through a noice muddy water hole, and Guess what??


A friend who drives a KLR 650 had the same problem and found his carburetor drain hose , which is low on the bike( Near the bottom), needed a TEE and a new piece to keep it above the water.

Can anybody please tell me if I have to do this as well on the WR450.

I did also try to start it as well in the water to no avail!!!

But as asoon as I got out of the water, BANG, it started.

ANyinfo will be greatly appreciated

Lit_dueler :ride::ride:

It sounds like one of your vent hoses coming off the carb was blocked with water causing the carb not to work properly.

It seems these bikes are more vulnerable than other bikes in water crossings.

I simply avoid deep water, although a race I did a couple months ago had a huge water crossing about 3 feet deep, I just pinned it and hoped for the best.....It almost stalled but didn't, water was found in the airbox.

For me, I avoid deep water, if I knew I was going to do alot of creek crossings I would probably seal up the airbox real good with silicon and re-route the carb hoses up under the seat..Good Luck

There is a very simple fix for deep water crossings;

The WR carb has 4 vent lines (two off either side of the carb) that ALL go down. Take one from each side and re-route them up the frame to the top of the radiator. No new tubing or zip ties needed, just re-route them.

I've done that to both my WR's...worked great!

Does it matter which one of the 2?

I believe it is the two outside tubes, the ones on the far left side and far right side.

CAn't avoid water too much in my part of the country. I guess I can re-route them.Thanks for the info

:ride: Awesome, thanks for the info. I'll give her a try and see what happens

Lit_dueler :ride:

Thanks for the info. I give it a try and see what happens



Don't try to start a stalled bike in the water. That's a no-no. Pull it out first.

The two outside tubes you can pull into airbox and tie them with loose pretzel knots to keep them there. Don't kink them or tie them tight as they obviously won't be able to pull the air they need.

You can find more info here:

Does it matter which one of the 2?
Yes. You want the two that go over the top of the carb.

The other "swamp proofing" mod is to re-route the valve cover breather hose into the airbox.

If you look closely at each tee fitting and the 2 hoses coming off of each you'll realize that they (all 4) are connected to the same place in the carb (bowl vent). Just look at the two that seem the most logical to re-route up the frame. Usually it's the two that cross over the top of the carb (IE left tube coming off the top of the left tee goes up and over the carb then down the RH side; re-route it up top and vice versa.

Make sense?

That's awesome!! Thanks for the input people!!!

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