2007 YZ450f

Hi Guys, My name is Dwight. Im new to this site. I just recently bought a 07 yz450f and sold my banshee. I was wandering what u guys think of the 07 yzfs

2007 bikes aren't out yet. How'd you get one ?




Let's see some pics!!

My '07 already exploded....muffler bearing straight out the side panel..........

My '07 broke already too, the headpipe was glowing red!

I took it back to the dealer and he said I was using the wrong oil. I thought you're supposed to use baby oil in the motor when you're running Avgas?

Nevermind guys..sorry..I had the impression when i bought it from the dealer it was a 2007..its a 2006.but here is a pic


now there was an informed decision..... :ride:

I love mine. Things that need to be done out of the showroom:

New Chain

Possibly a new front tire, but for my track the stock one works good

The chain slider fix to prevent major chain slap wear

Possibly new jetting, I had to rejet mine for my area.

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