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: ) back in the saddle : )

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i finally got my wr back together and running!!!!!!!!!!!!

runs incredible...i don't think it was in time before.. the engine braking seems a little different now... maybe not as much.... and it hasn't backfired on me yet. i rode for like an hour saturday, and raced a harescramble yesterday... slight overheating yesterday (stuck and spinning on a log for a short time) but once i got out of the woods and onto the track, i didn't have any more problems the rest of the day. noticed rear brake sqeak everyone was complaining about. :) oh well, not too bad, i can deal with it. i got it stuck in a mud hole up to the bottom of the side panels first lap, so i lost like 3 laps right off the bat trying ot get out, but rode good after that. (i was trying to ride it like a 2-smoke, but fixed my riding style and rode great!!!)

excellent at wheelies now!!!!! :D

just updating. :D

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