what does it "need"?

i have read that many owners feel they need new:


silders, wear plates

tires is a must

and higher bars

am i missing something? i'm trying to figure out out i'm goign to be spending afterwards.

thank you :ride:

As long as the suspension is set up for your weight, it "needs" your right wrist to twist! :ride:

Stock sprockets are fine if you change the chain right away. I use stock sprockets with aftermarket chain.

Slider or wear plate is a good idea, I ordered the TM one, but it's still out of stock, but I checked mine today after riding a good 15 hours on my bike so far, and it's not even worn at all, so I may cancle the TM Slider and save 80 bucks.

The stock tires work good FOR MY TRACK, but A LOT of people had to change them out, the front is exactly what I need for my track though!

I personally like the stock bar bend, maybe because it's the only other bar I used besides my old stock TTR bars...so I guess Im just used to it?

Suspension, is great on this bike, best factory suspension. I set my sag, played with clickers a tad, and it feels really great.

So the only MUST is a chain, everything else is just extra. Possibly jetting for you though? I had to rejet mine.

thanks barch88, i have been reading this forum for over a month now, and it seems that i will need to riched the pilot slightly, no big deal, but i won't order anything until i ride the bike. if it comes with the chain that came stock on a 2004 YZ250F, it is going in the garage in a big hurry.

i saw someone put silicone around there wear plate, that would work if it was starting to wear the swing arm a bit.


You should also consider protecting your investment.

Devol Skid Plate

Devol Radiator Guards

Cyrca front disk cover

And make sure your levers are loose enough to move around during a crash.

For sure new chain. I think if you put a good chain on right away then you don't even have to worry about the chain slider.

I agree with the additional protection items, here is what I have done to mine:

Regina O Ring gold chain (Threw on before first ride)

GTYR water pump guard

GTYR master cylinder guard

Devol radiator guards

Things I want to get next:

GTYR bar risers or maybe Applied top clamp

+1 rear sprocket

45 pilot jet (pops a little on decel)

Also, be sure to grease up everything before you ride it. Mine had very little grease on anything!

Jetting: 48 or 45 Pilot 170 main depending on power now, fuel, altitude, adjustable air fuel screw.

Chain: stocker stretches and kills the sprockets right away chain only will do.

Tire: 739 sucks brand new.

Lower the fork tubes to the line and set sag at 100MM

Higher bars: stockers are almost an inch lower than the Windham bend

Suspension: perfect if you are 160, re spring and re valve it.

The 07 has a different CDI box, 1.5 mm longer shock, quiter muffler, wave rotors, thinner fork tubes (same internals), forged triple clamp (not cast)

Applied triple clamp set 27mm glues the front end back down. ( forks flush)

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