Graphics for WR450 (05) w/IMS Tank?

I've put an IMS tank on my WR450. It's natural color, and I haven't been able to find a good graphics kit which looks good on both the BLUE radiator shrouds (to fit the tank, these are YZ, not WR shrouds) and the NATURAL tank.

Aftermarket graphics for the YZ shrouds don't fit the IMS tank...and most of them seem to have white pieces which fades into the natural color tank.

Anyone know of good looking graphics that will work for me?

I haven't bought any graphics from these guys yet, but I plan to. From the looks of their website, they'll do custom work. Hope it helps...

Looks nice. Thanks!

don't put graphics on the tank, it looks fine without them. I left my nat tank bare and it looks great!! And I can see my gas level easily. :ride: 05 YZ and WR radiator shrouds are identical! The 06 WR and 05 YZ shrouds are also identical!

Jeff :ride:

The BNG's will just peel off anyway so stay nude. Try a billet gas cap for some bling factor, then everyone will talk about it and forget your lack of stickers. Just an idea.

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