One LAST setup question...

I have been doing alot of reading and searching with regard to setting up my new '06 WR450F and I think that I might have made a decision! I would like to hear thoughts about the following setup given that I am 41, 180lbs, experienced rider riding in WI woods. All pretty tight, rocky, rooted, muddy singletrack with lots of opportunity for water crossing.

PMB insert

AIS removal with GYT-R kit (YZ T-stop, adj. needle, and 48PJ)

Storm F/A screw

Snorkle out of airbox (no extra holes!)

Grey wire INTACT for WR mapping

SAG set proprely

Front susp. raised 5mm

Stock tires @ 14 PSI front/19 PSI rear

I am mainly concerned with power down low and controllable as I twist. I typically lug through the tighter stuff and grunt up hills on my KTM LC4 400... been hoping to get the WR dialed so that I could ride it the same way. Another concern is that the bike is not running too lean, and I figured that with the new carb parts and reasonably open airbox I should have a pretty robust setting. I am not a racer looking for EVERY tiny bit of performance, and I am not really excited to spend hours tinkering around in the carbonraider.

Any thoughts?

I would cut the grey wire, it doesn't really have any value to it, the only thing I would change is your tire pressure.. Do you really run 19psi in the rear? For woods riding I would try 12psi.

personally, i did the grey wire mod and have never looked back (3,000 klm so far on my '05)

#48 pilot is good

adj needle ... 3rd or 4th clip from top position ??

i'm not sure of the altitude or temperature there, but the stock main jet is usually around #165 ... a #170 may suit you better if you are concerned about running lean ..

and yeah, Dan is closer to the money with 12~14 psi in the rear (i run 15 psi in my S12 and 12~13 when i'm running 952's)

I think the grey wire is a must if you put the shorter throttle stop screw in there. and if you like trail driving slow, don't do the YZ cam mod, lol.

Front susp. raised 5mm

Stock tires @ 14 PSI front/19 PSI rear

When you say front is raised 5 mm I assume you mean the forks are raised in the clamps by 5mm? If not, I'd put them back to standard or raise them in the clamps to sharpen up turn in. As the others said, 19 is way too high at the rear, I run 13 front and back and really notice that grip gets worse with each pound increase. The 06 which comes to Australia has a softer shock compared to the 05. It makes the rear suspension travel in the compressed and harder part of the stroke (closer to bottoming). It's very cheap to get this fixed by a suspension shop by changing a couple of shims. The result is the shock travels in the correct area during normal riding and the slow speed dampening works correctly. If you don't want to spend the money, you may be able to improve it a little by increasing your compression dampening to keep the shock from packing. It will also help turn in.

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