torque settings?

i got a mate in need of some torque settings for his XR 600 ( my old bike )

does anyone know a link or a manual available for the XR 600 - 94 model.

much appreciated for anyones help :ride:

al i need is the head torque settings?


a manual would be great but if all i can get is the head settings id be happy

clymer say's. for 500 and 600 cc engines. / cylinder head cover bolts- 6mm, 8mm, 1988- on, 23 n.m, or 17 / cylinder head bolts. xr600r 1988- on, 36 n.m, or 26 this what the manual i have say's. ( honda xl/xr 500-650 singles. 1979-1995.) hope this helps.

raven-9....don't go 17 ft/lbs on the 6mm cylinder head/cam cover bolts, this value is for the 8mm center bolt. The 6mm bolts will strip easily, I've been wrenching XR engines since '84, I stay with 5-6 ft/lbs on these bolts (book says 7), same with the side cover bolts, no problems. Cylinder head bolts are 26 ft/lbs. To obtain proper torque readings, the threads must be in good condition, clean and free of debris and corrosion. The threads should be lubricated in order to get accurate torque readings, I use anti-sieze to inhibit corrosion between the steel bolts and the aluminum component threads.

hi creeky, this is tim. thanks for the heads up on the 6 and 8 mm bolts. raven i hope i did not mislead you. i plan on doing some work on mine and i would have been S.O.L. tim

thx alot guys ive passed on the info to my XRing mate:)

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