Unleashed 06 WR450

I unleashed my WR last week and I am absolutely amazed :ride: . I was really disappointed with the bike originally but after the ais removal kit was installed WOW! I did most of the free mods with no real results, but for $40.00 you unleash the beast. It felt like riding a crotch rocket through the woods it was awesome. The only thing is I made a 1 1/4" tail pipe removing the original one with the baffle and it pops consistently while decelerating, any info with this problem would be appreciated.



AIS removal itself provides no performance gain unless you did the t-stop replacement at the same time.

Did you richen the jetting? You'll need to.

I got the Yamaha Kit, it came witht the Throttle Screw and the 48 Jet. I get a heck of a discount at my local shop it was cheaper to buy that one instead of the one on here.

do the jetting as per the sticky post on the top of this forum, it will get you close, but a quick fix, if you can adjust your fuel mixture screw out and retry, it gets most of mine gone when out around 3 turns

Thanks I'll try that when I put my new fuel screw in.

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