06 E-Start Questions

Will the starter work on these bikes when it is in gear and the clutch pulled in. Mine will not. I raced a CRFx a while back and the starter would work when the cluctch was in. Does the WR have to be in nuetral for the starter to work? If so has anyone removed or hard wired the nuetral safety switch so the bike will start while in gear?

Mine starts with the clutch engaged....

The bike should start in gear with the clutch pulled in. The switch is a spring loaded plunger that releases when the lever is pulled. Check the switch. I had one stick in the off position. Just a little dirty. Cleaned it up and it's been fine ever since.

Hell- after a few months mine would start with it in gear and clutch out, has not proved to be useful

Yeah, it's suppose to, there is a switch in there to allow this, it can be handy to get you out of tight spots if you stall.

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