06 450 YZF Track or TRAIL?

3tv THAT DIRT IN THE PICTURE IS LOOKING SWEET. And you have given me a great idea, I gotta get my wife a quad!

That was the only part of that race that had good dirt for racing. We did half a lap on the motocross track, then a 10 mile loop in the desert, and repeated that three times. The entire 10 miles in the desert was frame deep silt. You couldn't see as far as your own front bumper, but as long as you were in the ruts you didn't need to worry about getting lost in the dark (you can see it was just getting dark in the picture of the start). There were several six foot deep blown out holes in the silt that really got your attention though.

Another interesting item in that picture is that my 15 year old son is the rider on the white Banshee you can see in the background. He worked his way up to finish right behind me by the end of the race. Not bad, considering the dust.

I've only had my 06 in the woods once, but I was happy with how it did. With the stock gearing on the 450 I felt just as good as I did on my old 426 with 13/52 gearing. The YZ is an awesome bike, you won't regret getting one. Handguards, sparky, decent chain are all that's necessary for woods and you're set, the rest is all personal preference.

I'm heading down to Lojacks to check out one of the guys race bikes. They don't have any on the floor but can get me one.

I really think it would be a great bike for me, but they are a little bit expensive.I figure by the time I sell my bike and pay tax on the new bike, it's going to be around 2 grand. :ride:

I ride mx most of the time, done a few WORCS races and took it up twice in the forest near Flagstaff. I switched the stock gear and went one more tooth in the rear. I actually took out most of my compression on both forks and shock and rode it in the woods and it was awesome. It actually help me figure out what the problem was with my bike for mx. Great all round bike for any situation.

:ride: Not looking good at this point. Best price so far is 6500 OTD. that's alittle much. Might have to wait to find one used. :ride:

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