What size numbers?

Im getting a 3 digit number (121). I need to know what sizes to get.


i'm sorry but i don't understand what you are asking

They have like 8 inch, 4 inch, 6 inch, I need to know what size would fit good on the plates. Not be too big or too small looking.

ohhh... a number!! lol...

actually i prefer the bigger ones over the smaller ones, but it's a personal choice i think.. each one of us has his favourites..

anyway if you get them too big you can always cut a bit, if you get small you cant :ride:

I would try it on the bikes at the dealer, but there Hondas, which have bigger plates than Yamaha's, and are more "square" looking.

make a search for "pictures" here, 90% have numbers on the plates so you can get an idea of how each look

well...i am 119 and i had to cut part of my 1 off of the left side panel...the pipe side and front fit fine...but the attack graphics company that rocky mountain sells only charges 35 for standard preprinted. i paid 8 bucks per 3 numbers...so like, 26 bucks after tax. go with preprinted, no line up, perfect placement, no hassle, and only 10 bucks more. i figured im going to end up getting preprinted eventually...so i should have chilled when i bought my bike, but i guess thats the fever.

I agree.Just get some preprints.But thats not what your asking.I ran 7inch numbers on my 06 yz450 when I first got it.BTW my number is 275.

I'm 172. I've got 8" on the side plates and 6" on the front plate of my WR. You can probably fit 8" all around.

dont get attack graphics. they are extremely crappy quality n scratch n tear real easy. definitely not worth the money. graphicmx.com is what ya want. definitely rugged and good lookin

Get the Decal Works backgrouds with your number printed on it... They look the best IMO.

Im going to go with Decal Works EZ Series, DPW (fellow TT'er) has them on his 06 and they look like they are single numbers, but they are perfect because their pre-print. Very basic, very clean, and nice numbers.

I figure do it right and go with pre-prints, 6 or 8 inch would have worked though eh? Anyways, thanks guys. I noticed the EZ Series arent that much money, should I get a application kit for them or are they easy to put on?


decal works is the way to go, and don't waste your money on an installation kit, you don't need it. get the ones with the red border(if you are running black backgrounds) i did and they look sweet..

decal works is the way to go. i got the application kit, i think it was worth it. there is enough stuff in there to last a while and its got the stuff to take the sticky residue off too, i used it for my numbers and graphics and i didn't get a bubble or anything anywhere. you can always use windex though but it would be tough on the exhaust side number plate without something.

My # is 109 and I have 8" numbers on the bike. Since you also have a 1 in your number, ou should have no problem w/ the 8" numbres. :ride:

just use some soap and water in a spray bottle and a credit card or squeegee to put them on with. ESP for the pipe side. bumblebee: i was going to get some preprinted, thanks for the info on attack

I didn't bother with the application kit at all, waste of money IMO. I put my decals on dry without the help of soap windex or anything.. and they went on perfect. Guess it just depends how patient you are, take your time and they will go on fine.

i put mine on with nothing also, i hate waiting for the soap and water method to dry(D.A.Y.S.)sometimes. i just go real slow, if you get a bubble you can usually still pull up a section of the graphic to get it out.

heat gun (on low temp, a foot away from plastic) or a hair dryer...took 30 mins for a full graphics kit on my old bike with the soap/water-heatgun method

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