King Philip Turkey Run WOW!

62 mile ride, approximately 55 miles of single track. This old body is some sore. Very few get off's, not much time to relax. Someone said they laid it out as a trial for next years Enduro. Now I know why I don't do Enduro's. What I would have gived to have a WR250F. Talked to a guy that got rid of his WR400, and bought the WR250. For this ride he was some glad he did. See you guy's at next years events!


Wished I could have gone. I was, and am STILL recovering, from some stomach virus thangy. Now, it has kind of transformed itself to a head cold w/ sore throat. Bad stomach cramps, and much to my kids and wife's delight, REAL :D BAD gas!

I am glad to hear it was challenging w/ no injuries.

With my future plans on leaving NH on hold, I plan on hitting as many Turkey Runs as possible next year!! I WILL see you there!! :) .


I thought the route was more like 67 or 69 miles? The last reset was 67 I think.

What a ride though. I was in the woods by myself for the last 25 minutes of it and I thought I was lost and the last one out there. Then I got back to the parking area and realized I was one of the first ones back.

I loved the Hero mud section.


Mark, Did you do the water hole? The one that was about 6 feet long. I stopped not knowing which way to go, and sone guy on a KTM 125 passes me and hit his front brake as he got to the edge, and was doing a handstand looking into it. I went left, he was stuck. We both got a good laugh. I went around the mud, too many stuck bikes. That water hole was supposed to be seat deep. I am real sore, wish i had a WR250 for that one. Ron

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