Milk And Oreos

Hey guys, Im sitting here munchin on some oreos and milk and thought I would tell what happened riding on sunday. My best riding buddy was following a friend of ours on his quad (I know gay) and the trail went up this big bank, about 5 maybe 6 feet high, and he thought the trail continued on the other side, but it turned sharp left at the top and he shot over the whole think probally had like 12 feet of air and landed in a small pond and went over the handle bars looked like slow motion :ride: It was a 04 crf450r and we had to tilt the bike skyward to drain out the water. After about 20 kicks and dam thing started :ride: good story huh, oh and later on the tranny fluid started foaming and puking out the vent hose :ride:'re saying your friend is kinda stupid?'re saying your friend is kinda stupid?

no dude hes an awesome rider, I would say hes at least a B class offroad rider if not A class :ride:

Only stupid people go that fast over something when they have no idea what's on the other side. Sooooo.....your friend is a stupid B class offroad rider if not A class.....right?


smoking dope with them cookies?

not the right forum for this eh?


people take things way too serious.

i see nothing wrong with him making that friendly post.


if I was taking it TOO serious, would I laugh at him (IE: lol)

I reckon not...

its just way off topic for this forum being XR related...but I could care less, just a chance to break his balls Han's

Were there any ducks on the pond ?

Its his ride; he can use/abuse it anywhich way he wants to, lol....

But....drain the oil, drain the tranny fluid. Get _all_ the water out before you run it. Change it twice if you have to.

my buddy had to change the tranny oil 4 times till it cleared up, he was using a synthetic fluid and the stuff was boiling, foaming and puking out the vent tube, nice :ride:

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