Gas tank question

Looking at a '06 gas tank for my 04' WR.

Has anyone tried this swap or know anyone that has?

What else is needed if it will fit?

Thanks in advance.

Why on earth would you want to go to a smaller tank? The newer one might be lighter and get you 40 to 45 miles only because of the limited size. Yamaha has there head in the dark when it comes to fuel tanks on an enduro bike. You need lots of fuel range, not lighter weight.


My 06 got 121km on the stock 8Litre fuel tank, average driving, 86km on flat out racing. i think the 04 model was 10 litres? or 9? not sure, and I don't think the plastic will fit as it's from a yz on the 06/05 models right guys????????

I would use it for swapping back and forth pending on where I'm riding.

I like to go to the MX track and the larger size is kind of a pain when trying to rail a berm. The thinner size would also be nice when riding the tight woods that I frequent 20 miles from my house.

Mountain Max, I hope you got my PM - Consider it sold if I can get some kind of confirmation that it will fit.

i'm pretty sure the '03/'04 yz tanks will also fit. nothing is ever as easy as it should be. you'll need the yz shrouds (as you will with the '05/'06 wr tank) but you probably know that already. i'm pretty sure the '03/'04 wr have a little bit wider radiators. when yamaha did the '05 wr changes, they went to the narrower (smaller) yz radiators. not sure if that will mess up the conversion or not.

Good points I didn't think about.

Maybe the YZ 03/04 tank is the way to go?

I run a YZ tank on my '04. You will need YZ shrouds and seat. The seat pan will need to be cutout for the battery and the WR mount tabs but it works fine. The combo makes a big improvement in the bike ergo's and handling if you don't need the extra range. I routinely switch back and forth between the WR and YZ tanks. Takes about 10 minutes once you have it all set up.

I sent you a PM regarding your setup....sound sweet!

Copy of PM to PBDBLUE:

Have an o4 wr456 and need the largest tank for a dual sport 2000 mile continental divide run.

Your YZ package w/ mods allowed for what size tank?

And, what do you know as to limit experienced with a yz tank application (gallons)?

Anything you could share re: road use/gearbox matters would be appreciated.

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