Need WR Plastic Headlight Housing/Shroud, anyone replace theirs?

My '01 WR426F has some broken mounting tabs on its plastic headlight housing (where the number plate would be on other bikes) so it flops around and the headlight aims to the side. Does anyone have one that they replaced with an Acerbis or other unit? I can paypal money for one. A broken headlight assembly is fine as I don't need the light, just the plastic around it. If I can't find one, then I'll be forced to shell out $120 for the Acerbis Cyclops headlight which I really don't need right now.


Check Ebay. There was a couple of sets of plastic listed for sale last week.

I bought a brand new headlight shell from Zanotti's for around $20. I think this is the part number you'll need: 5BF-84330-00-00


Thanks, ordered one from Zanotti's

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