xl600r gearing question

i have a 1987 xl600r and the gearing is kinda off. i do only off-road use and never use it on the street. i was wondering if dropping to a 13 teeth sprocket in the front would help. i want more acceleration rather than top speed.

Most guys run 14/48 combo on the L models for more offroading ability...works great for me

closes that hideous gap from 1-2 also

I can still hit 90mph, and yet come to about a dead stop in 2nd then throttle through in the hills.

I just had my mechanic order me a 14/48 combo and a new chain for my 85 XL600R. I can't wait to to test it out. I do mostly trail riding here in Montana. JT sprockets has a pretty good breakdown of gear ratios on their web sit to use as a reference

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