CR High Bend Pro Tapers - 6'2'' tall?

I am 6'2'' tall, is this a good fit for me seeing as I will be using the Tusk bar adapter that raises the bar an extra 3/4 inch?

I have a hard time standing while riding as I am hunched over. Hurts the back :ride:

Is this a good setup for mostly trail riding? I am concerned the bar might be too high?

2000 XR 650R

Thanks in advance,

Redmanrandyed :ride:

You won't believe the difference. I have the Pro-Taper risers and the Windham bend which is actually a tad higher and less pull back than the CR Highs. I'm 6'4" and all back and like the bars up farther. Fender back hits me in the arse enough as it is. When I got mine I was mad I hadn't done it sooner. On the XR, they won't be too high. Go for it.

Can't see how you'd be too high. I've got CR high bend pro-tapers with no additional risers and I'm 5-10. I can stand comfortably but if the bars were a 1/2 higher they would not be too high, I don't think.

I am also 6'2" and have the CR-Hi ProTapers......for me I still need them higher and will switch to a KX-Hi.

I have the tusk bar adapters with the Pastrana FMX bars on my pig which are even higher than the KX high bars. I am very happy with this setup!

I had the CR-hi bend with the same adapters and a Moose tall seat. I'm 6'-1" and the bike felt perfect for me.

Pro tapers with sub mount. 6'-2" and love it.

I have the Pro taper CR high bars as well with a BRP triple clamp/stabilizer set up. I am very happy with this set up.

You may also want to look at going with some IMS foot pegs they made a huge difference when standing and for balance.

comfortable feet = comfortable rider.

good luck

I am 6'-2" and I originally had the CR High bend but wanted more height. I now have Pro tapers Pastrana FMX Bend with BRP sub mount. I find this new combo perfect for me. It makes standing sooooo much easier!

This is a good set-up and exactly what I use. I'm 6" and would actually like a bit more height for stand up riding so you should have no worries at all about it being too tall. Anything is better than the ultra low stock setup.

A good buddy of mine on a 650L just put TAG CR DOUBLE HI's on his bike. He's a good 6'2" or more. He likes the height of the double HI's.

I have the same set-up, ProTapers, and a TAG metals riser/adaptor. I'm only 5' 8" and have long arms for that height but it was a bitch stock for me wheli standing. Honestly I just did this conversion because I wanted ProTapers, but the FIRST time I stood up it was like a different machine! WAY better!

I say do it.

Where are you guys getting the risers from for the XRL?

Where are you guys getting the risers from for the XRL?

Actually mine aren't risers per se', they are an adaptor for the ProTaper bars that rise the bars by bolting to the stock bar mounts on top of the top clamp, then the new bars bolt onto them. They rise the bars by about 1 inch.

6' 6" here.

I have the BRP SUB Mount w/ stabilizer running Pro Taper KX Highs. I wouldn't mind going even higher with the next set, but this setup works good.

Hey! You just gave me an idea for an old set of Schwynn Stingray Bycicle bars I have laying around!

Where are you guys getting the risers from for the XRL?

Here are a couple places I found on this board. I used the dirtbikepro ones.Easy install, worked great moved the bars out away from me as well as up very comfortable,actually seem to give me more leverage on turning even come Honda red. Cheaper than trying a bunch of different bars


I'm 6ft3 and i have renthal fat bars. Even the adapter that comes with the bars give you more height. Can't say for sure but i think bars and adapter give about an inch more height. definately feels way higher.

Have any of you guys that have lifted the bars more than 1 1/2" needed

to get longer throttle cables?

I'm getting some risers and want to know If I'll need cables and where to get them?


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