shell rotella 5w-40 and my brp?

Is anyone using this in their brp? I'm sick of paying the high prices for amsoil and was thinking of switching over. I do have a case of honda oil in the garage but have heard of people using the rotella synthetic with great results.

I've been running the 15W-40 non synthetic type of Rotella in my XR600 for a few years now. I also use it in my road bike, cars, and trucks. Great stuff.

I looked around quite a bit to see if there was any benefit to the 5W-40 synthetic vs the 15W-40 regular type. Most of the info said that if you are starting in temperatures below 25, you need the synthetic type. Otherwise there seemed to be little benefit to the more expensive synthetic. I use the cheaper stuff and change it more often.

While it's called synthetic, it's really just more highly refined dino oil. Most, but not all, so called synthetics are like this.

Thanks for the info. I think I'll try it for an oil change or two and see how the bike likes it. I've only had the bike for a few months now and didn't think this thing would go through rear tires like it does. 1200 miles and my d606 is toast! I need to save $$$ anywhere I can just to keep some rubber on the road.

I am using it and I think it's great! The 5W makes it super easy to start. I like the oil so much I am now using it in my cars and other bikes.

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