XR650R model changes

Hi, was wondering if anyone knows what model changes there's been to XR650R since year 2000. Basically I've got an 2003 model, but have seen a really nice 2001 model which has been supermoto'd but has all standard off road stuff aswell, which suits my needs. Was just wondering what 'improvements' I'd be losing out on if went back from 2003 to 2001 model.

PS My used and abused but mechanically sound '03 cost about as much as the '01 model is for sale at!


Other than minor graphics changes, I don't think there is a single difference between a 2001 and 2003. I believe the 2000 had 2 minor (and easy to do yourself) upgrades--countershaft seal and clutch lifter pin I think.

If this isn't right I'm sure someone will pipe-up with the real scoop.

Bold new graphics.

Thanks for that - looks like theres no disadvantage to the older bike as long as is mechanically sound. Just have to haggle on price!!!


there is at least one mechanical difference... i am pretty sure it is like a clutch bushing or something and it is actually pretty important to replace it on the older bikes. for some reason i think there are a couple other things but i can't remember

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