Tips For Removal Of Crankcase Cover

I have had a shocker of a ride today, and the end result is the gear lever through the crankcase cover. I have been reading up on repairing it and it all looks resoanable simple, however i thought i would ask the floor;

Is there any little hints, tricks or experiences with the removal and installation of the crankcase cover(left).

Any words of wisdom will be appreciated.



Come on fellas. Surlely someone knows something or has done it.

It just unbolts, nothing hard, although you will lose oil, I would sugest draining it first and unbolting it and pull it off. I had mine off to update my stator as per Baja-Designs spec.

If you are not planning on changing the oil I'd just lay the bike on its right side and unbolt the cover. However, if the lever went through the case it probably took some dirt in with it and it may be worth while to drain/change the oil anyway.

Sucks... this same thing happened to me today. :lol: Came around a corner fast, loose dirt, bike and rider down. Shifter lever made hole in left side crankcase cover. How did it turn out? Would did the cover run you?

I can't remember what it cost me now, but it's like insurance.

Here's a tip: when installing the new cover, be very gentle. I was putting mine on and it was sticking where it slides over the starter. I tapped the area (very lightly) with a rubber mallet and ending up cracking the casting. $165 cost for 5 seconds of stupidity. Ouch.

What Protection can you get for the casing when Riding.. I have seen Carbon covers but assum these would not stop a gear lever going through ???

I have a steel cover on my rh side that will protect that side, but i found once i lowered my footpegs ( cut and rewelded them lower) i had to lower my brake and shifter to a new position where it looks like it wont' be a problem anymore. I can take some pics if you like........

Ordered a new crankcase cover and gasket today from North Hollywood Yamaha, cost $121. I need to figure out what I can do to keep this from happening again. I'm gonna start by indexing the lever down a spline or two, maybe look into welding a flat piece of steel on the inside of the shifter for a wider area. Possibly figure out a way to weld/mount something to the frame that comes up and covers/protects that area. Will update if I figure anything out worth while. :lol:

if you do what i done and lower the footpegs you can adjust down the shifter (one spline down) and make it feel much better....... ONly have one side pic so far, can post other if you like, ill just go take one


This is what it looked like from the inside.

Damn shifter...


This is where the shifter was when it broke the crankcase cover...


This is much better...


Looks, bad, sorry for your mishap, this is what i done to help to eliminate this, I know it won't prevent it completely but I modified my footpegs to make them lower and then turned down the shifter and brake one or two splines down and it feel just right, and also moves down below the housings now at rest, i know a rick can still drive it up and in, but like i said it's a help inho, here's a pic >>


Oh, and here is the brake side


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