Newbie question (sorry!)

Hi....This might sound like a real newbie question but I have the chance to buy a brand new 2005 yz450 out of a crate for £2800 ($5,150). I just wondered how will it compare to a 2001 wr426 with all the yz mods? :ride: and im intrested in starting motocross and I know that a 125/250f is probley a good bike to start out on but this deal is too good to miss! btw im 18 years old and weigh 11 and a half stone if that makes any differnce!

Thanks in advance! :ride:

The whole 11 stone thing means nothing to me, mate. And 5150 is common police code for an apparently crazy person.

But the '05 YZ450 is very significantly lighter, faster, and more nimble than the WR426, and has much better suspension as well. But they are a bit reluctant to turn tight corners, and take a bit of wrestling with to negotiate an MX course at speed. They can definitely do it, but the '06 is at least £1000 better.

You could be better off on a 250f being that you could really use the power of it even just starting out..But, a 450 is alot easier bike to ride on the track. You wont have to be really pushing it hard to clear the jumps, ect.

Is this your first bike? If so, the 250F's are so much easier to ride compared to a 450F, and the lap times around an MX track are so close; some people are quicker on a 250F than they are on a 450F. If you want a 450, pay the extra cash and get the '06(or '07) model. The WR won't be as good on an MX track as a YZ.

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