Best place to find used XR650Rs?

I have been watching Ebay and and cannot find any used XR650Rs anywhere near me in Eastern Pennsylvania. Other than here, are there any other sites you guys can direct me to to watch?

I am having an even harder time because I want to get it street titled so I have to have one where the owners name is on the title...many people dont transfer titles when they buy used.

I use ebay and cycle trader to monitor market prices and how long it takes to sell. I am considering selling mine. It's titled in Michigan.

I was in the same boat around 2 months ago. I was search cycle traders, ebay, and craigslist as well as many different newspaper online classifieds listing. Google really helped with the search, especially with craigslist. Finally found a street-legal XRR in SC and picked it up the next day. Good Luck!

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