Dr D on 2006 YZ450F

Looking for some help. Just installed a Dr D complete system on my 2006 YZ450f. Has caused the bike to lose bottom end power altogether and seems to run much hotter.

Has anyone had a similar experience or ideas on what the problem may be?


What was the doctors jetting spec for this pipe? On some pipes you will lose some bottom for more gain on top.....is this the characteristic on this particular pipe?

Sounds like it needs more fuel. Check with Dr. D.

i don't know where you are but i run a 165 with a 48 pilot and the stock needle in 3rd posistion with my dr.d and the thing has a ton more bottom than the stock pipe. now that its hotter i might go back to a 45 on the pilot.

That was not my experience with the Dr.D complete system at all. We had already rejetted to a 165 main and a 45 pilot, needle in #4, and ours responded very well to the pipe. The low and middle felt noticeably snappier than stock.

Dubach makes no specific jet change recommendations other than for the '03's, I believe, and there he only specifies moving the needle to 4. Otherwise, it should perform with the same set up that ran well with the stock system. Yours may have been borderline.

Rejetted the pilot to a #45, kept main jet as a 165, added a boyzen quick shot and the bike is running stronger than ever.

Thanks for the advise.

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