xr600r and xr650l header

would like to know if xr600r and xr650l header are interchangable? Trying to buy fmf powerbomb header for my L and the xr650l oddly enough is no longer offered, but the xr600r is still available. shipping time and returning to much of a hassle to learn this on my own. Thanks!

Was looking at the same thing myself. I noticed on http://www.motojoe.com/dirt/whitebro/pipes.htm that the part number for a xr 600 is the same for the xr 650L. I have been looking at other sites with fmf part numbers to try an cross reference them. I'll pm ya if I find anything out.


I contacted TREADMARKS, who put a powerbomb on his L (Beautiful moto by the way :ride: ) and he said he had no porblems with the fit. I am ordering mine soon :ride:


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