Auto Decompressor with Hot Cam Stage 1

Sorry All The search has been disabled due to high volumes of traffic....I just got the stage 1 hotcam and I know it doesn't have the Auto Decompressor and I thought I need to Remove the plunger and spring out of the head....IS THIS CORRECT? it doesn't say in the instructions.

If I plug the hole in the head? Thank you


PS its a 2000 XR650R

Thanks Again

I just left it in there. No problems yet.

There is no reason to leave the spring and plunger in there without also having the auto-decomp mechanism.

The safest thing to do is to remove them, but I've left them in on some bikes (including one of mine) and never had a problem...yet.

If you didn't buy a new cam gear and are intending on using the cam sprocket from your existing cam, do not pull it off by the ears or they'll break off.

Also, make sure your valve springs are still in spec if you're not replacing them.

Don't forget to lube the cam lobes with an engine assembly lube that's heavily fortified with the AW (Anti Wear) additive zinc, which bonds to the metal surfaces and activates at lower temperatures / pressures. A zinc compound is ideal for metal to metal contact because it prevents scuffing and or seizing without forming corrosive acids like some EP (extreme pressure) additives and this is what you need for a cam when oil alone is not enough during the first startup. Most auto parts stores (i.e. autozone, etc) will carry something for a couple bucks that will work well.

And don't forget to break in your cam!

For less than $150, this is a great mod IMHO!

Enjoy it :ride::ride:

THANK YOU ALL! I did remove the plunger and spring and followed all your advice to the "T" so I look forward to many years of use. I didn't attempt to remove the Cam Bracket myself...I took it to a local motorcycle machine shop and though the fellow tried to talk me into letting him do some head work to make the "new cam worth it." I let him remove the bracket from the stock and line it up with the new one...I didn't want to wait to order another bracket from me messing it up!

I found the right engine assembly lube, Adjusted the valves and it started right up! I've run it according the the breaking in procedure and the next thing I will do is Change the oil...I did break it in with fresh regular NON-SYNTHETIC oil for the break in but was planning on going BACK to the Mobil Delvac 15W-40 when I change the oil again in a couple of days.

I haven't wanted to ride hard to see what the new cam can do b/c of the break-in as of now but adjusting the Edelbrock carb was only about 5 clicks away from the stock cam...I expected more since I also cut the airbox while waiting for the cam to arrive! I'm at about 20 clicks on the 19 needle, anymore and I get back firing! Maybe I'll swap in the 21 anyway to see how it will do and play with the pump adjustment as well as soon as I change the oil and check the valves again!

Thanks for all the help! everyone!

Oh yea its just been dualsported and tagged so I am on the road now that the cam is in!!!



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