2002 XR650R Supermoto wheels


I am trying to fit some 17 inch wheels onto my 2002 XR650R. I have seen a few people on the net who managed to fit CBR600 wheels onto the XR650R. They mentioned something about getting the hub area machined. Does anyone know exactly what has to be done?


-- Sunny

i did it with cbr f3 wheels. i don't have any measurements but what i did was took off enough material so that when i welded the cushdrive to the wheel i could still get the bearing out just incase it went bad. i would say probably almost two inches.


that picture sucks and is out of focus but you get the idea. if you don't have acces to a bridgeport then don't bother.


Nice work :ride:

The links you posted didn't work for me, but hopefully your pics will now show up in my post :ride:




There are a number of posts describing this very question, some with some nice pictures. It seems like a lot of work, but if you have access to the right equipment, it would be easy.

I would even pay someone to do it with some wheels I provided.

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