Hot Cams question

Okay, I tried to search, but so much comes up and I couldn't find the answer to my question. So.....

Hot Cams has a auto decompression exhaust cam specifically for the 450, and one specifically for the 400-426. Will the 450 one work? They have different part numbers. I thought I read that before they had the auto decompression cam listed for the 426, people were using the 450 one. Also, will the intake cam from the 450 work on the 426? Sorry if I'm beating a dead horse. :ride:

The HotCams folks told me "No" when I ordered cams for my 426. While they would "work" as in you can install them and the bike will run, you won't see as much of an improvement as you would with the 426 specific parts. As far as the 450 cam thing in a 426, it was the stock YZ 450 exhaust cam that folks were putting in their 426/400 to get the auto-decomp

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