LOOK @ what I won!!

Back in March I was online at the supercross website, finding out the tv schedule for the races and entered an Ampd mobile contest and won... this:


Its pretty sweet, but I am already in the process of adding a few bolt-ons and oh yeah, all the number plates are signed by Chad Reed(already removed from the bike and proudly displayed on the wall of the garage) Even though the bike is in my garage, I almost can't believe that I won it.

No way, you are one lucky s.o.b.! Congrats!

Where in Texas are you at? You can ride mine if I can ride yours. :ride::ride:

That is sweet Congrats.. :ride:

That is awesome, congrats!

Lucky you, congrats!

Its cool to actually see when people win bikes (and actually get them). :ride:

that is awsome! when you see those things you never think anyone actually wins them.

thats awesome, its cool to see the bike that was won. and to know people actually win them. sweet.

That's awesome..............congrats on your new ride. :ride:

wow man you actually won that?!?!?!?! that's so awsome

Congrats, good to see an average joe actually win a contest, it always seems that there's a bunch of good contests, that no-one ever wins. Have fun, ride safe, and keep the shiny side up! :ride::ride:

Awesome, dreams do come true. The other day a friend of mine won a Ducati superbike in an online competition. He just had it crated from Germany to Namibia.

Thanks everyone! I couldnt believe that I had won and even told the woman who called to let me know, that no one ever wins these kind of things. It really is dream come true, because since they had released the aluminum frame, I have wanted one, but the reality was that it was financially out of my means. I feel so lucky to have won. I riding buddy of mine said it must karma, because a few years ago I had a bike stolen out of my garage in the middle of the day. I havent even ridden it yet, taking the time to get it prepped properly before riding. This is what I have done

Greased or never seized everything

Installed WC radiatior cages

Installed WC glide plate

Installed Quick adjust fuel screw

Going to rejet once my jets show up (Ordered from TT!)

Cleaned and oiled air filter

Installed new side panels/number plates ( don't want to mess up those Chad Reed autographs- Waiting on pre printed backgrounds w/my number that match the ampd graphics that are on it now)

Installed DID oring chain

Fabricated and installed chain slider wear plate ( thanks TT)

Installed fork quick air bleeder valves

The one really important thing that I am still waiting on is the oem service manual I ordered. If anyone would be willing to post a quick oil change procedure that would be great... I dont even know what the capacity is.

Again thanks everyone for the kind words and congrats.

That is too cool! Congrats. I'm very jealous.

Gratz man :ride: im happy to see that you gonna ride it. Not a winner that put the bike in the garage and collect dust. :ride:

have fun


that's great, congrats on the good luck - and im even more happy to hear you won this after reading you had one stolen!

btw - do not use the air bleeders for the forks unless the bike is on a stand w/front wheel off the ground!

Enjoy your new bike :ride:

That is awsome! Congrats and have fun with it.

All I have to say is ...... "What is your street address and the security code to your garage???"

No really, congrats on the big win. I am jealous!

Congrats dude! :ride:

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