YZ426 Graphics Question Please Look!!!

First of all I have been looking for a graphics kit for my bike for a few months now and I havent found anything I like, all the ones I like are for the new 450s. Whilst browsing motosport i came across this


My bike filter is set for an '01 yzf426 and this still came up. I want aware that the 2006 alpha kit was available for the 426 and I'm still not sure it is. The picture shows a 450 but on the top of the page it reads: "Fits: 2001 Yamaha YZF426" I would be really happy if this was real but I'm not too sure about it. If anyone knows whether or not this kit is available for the 426 please let me know. Thanks :ride:

i would call thoes people up and ask them and if they say it will fit then you are good. And if it dont fit you can call them out on it because they told you it would.

One industries makes an "alpha" kit for the 426 but it doesn't look like the picture shown. Look on One Industries web site under bike cosmetics for the Yamaha 426 and you will see it. (Personally I don't care for it).

Flu Designs. Best graphics for the price.


Or check out this thread i started that showed photos, etc.

Flu Graphics Photos

FLU makes nice graphics at an excellent price but theyre just too plain for me. See what your saying about 2 different alpha grapics kits. What a pain in the :ride: it is to find good looking graphics for the 426. I love the look of the 06 technoflex and alpha kits by One Industries, too bad they dont fit :ride: I'm looking for a full graphics kit (tank, shrouds, seat cover) that is mostly black and dark blues with only a tiny bit of white, if you have any ideas, please post some pics. Thanks :ride:

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